Ranked dimensions in bar/column chart

Hi all,

We would like to display this table as a bar or column chart. I used a rank to see only Top 5 per Company.

The result should show the Company on x-Axis. And per Salesperson as a STACKED bar/column. My problem is that I cant stack the bars and the legend has a caption that is not really good to read.

Any ideas? :) Thank you!



  • How does your design setup look like?


    will result in:

    i have grayed out names for privacy.

  • Hi Femke, this is exactly what I need but with a TOP 5 Artikel Kleur per Klant Account Manager :)

  • Depending on the number of  sales persons you have, you need to create a column per sales person that shows the revenue if the sales person is in the top 5 of the company.

    I created this for person and 2 colors (i strated out in wrong order, but you can see what you need to do.)

    So my Account manager is your company and my Artikel Kleur is your sales person.

    1. create column per sales person


    2. create 1 extra flag column that show a 1 or 0 if the company has 1 in oneof the sales persons columns)

    3. then in visibility  properties deselect the measure and the flag 


    4. Add a visibilty agent on the flag to hide members with value=0

    5. result would be:


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