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When I print a report with multiple pages, I find that Targit can't create/load all the pages. If I am editing a big report and I want to see how the report looks before I reschedule it, I obviously often use the print-function. I have noticed many times now, that it is like the print-function can't handle a report with too many pages. This means that I often have to remove all the recipients from the mailing list in the scheduler, and then add and send it to myself only to see how it looks, before I add the usual recipients again, when I am done editing.

Is there a way to use the print-function on a report with many pages, without half the pages getting this "load"-symbol instead of the real data? Or is it just not possible to print a report with many pages? 

The picture below illustrates how many of the pages look, when I print the report.






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  • Hi Michael

    The most recent version have a fix for speed when dealing with reports with a lot of individual pages - are you on the most recent version?


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