Measure colors in bar chart


I am busy with a bar chart with a left and right axis. My problem is that blue line chart is behind the yellow bars (and only the yellow bars). How can I prevent this? See below screenshot. For the years I use an User Dimension (this year / last year).

My Targit version is 2021.0 build 19280. 


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  • Hi Frank, 

    unfortunately I do not have a solution either. I tried by changing the order of the user dimension entries, the measures and the columns in the table, but that does not help. Would also be grateful for an idea. Or maybe an idea for upcoming versions.

  • Thanks Marlene. It seems like a user dimension problem as I also have bar charts with line charts where it works fine. It looks like a bug because only one color of the bar chart overlaps. An option bring to front/back would be nice.

  • I created a workaround with 4 calculated columns. There you can change the order and get the result you would like to get:


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