Rank for top list with multiple dimensions

Hi all,

I would like to share with you the way to create this Top 3 Customer list:

I needed a Top 3 Customer list but also information about the Salespersons. The smart calculation "Rank Desc" wouldn't work, because the Rank would always be on Salespersons and not Customers.

There are two hidden calculations:

Rank Salesperson = rankdesc(d-1, all(s), m1)

Rank Customer = sum(c1, 0(l(1,0)), m1)


Maybe this is helpful for one or the other ;-)



  • Hi,  thank you this is very helpful! Can I ask what is the visibility agent formula to show ONLY top 3 Customers with their top 5 salespersons please?

  • Hide elements: Salesperson > 5 and Customers > 3


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