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i have a question in regards to the batch option in scheduled jobs. When I create a scheduled job with batch processing I get one document per selected dimension (for example one document per cost centre). I want to make this process more lean as I want to combine a fixed cost centre with a changing cost centre.(for example 100 and 101 or 100 and 102) But when I set this in the batch setting I get two documents, one for each cost centre. I tried to create a report where cost centre 100 is fixed by a criteria and then made a scheduled job with a batch selection for cost centre 101 and as a result I get a report with values for cost centre 101. Is there an option to get a combined value by using a job with batch processing or is my only option to create different reports with fixed criteria?



  • Hello Michael,

    In a report you can have two pages.

    The two pages are identical - showing the same KPIs, graphs, tables etc.

    On the first page you add a 'Page criteria', Cost centre = 100. The second page you leave without page criteria. Page criteria is available from the 2021 Summer release:

    When you run a batch job across Cost centres, only the second page will be affected by the batch criteria. The first page will always show Cost centre 100.

    BR / Ole

  • Hello Ole,

    thank you for the information. Unfortunately I still use the Controlling 2019 version and an update isn't easily done. I have a follow up question to the page criteria though: I want my report to show the combined values of the "fixed" cost centre and the variable cost centre. Would that be possible with the page criteria option?

    And just to confirm I wouldn't have a option for my request in the older Controlling except I create copies of my report with specific criteria correct?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Michael,

    In the older version - without the page criteria - I think you would be able to obtain the same by applying Local criteria to all objects on page 1.

    However, it is not going to be a "combined" result. It is going to be a report output with at least two pages. Page 1 with data from the fixed cost centre, and page 2 with data from the variable centre. Maybe I misunderstood that part in the first place.

    Now, a bit of a far fetch (I don't know exactly what you are trying to obtain): Try creating a local User Dimension with two members. The first member should have a criteria 'Cost centre = 100'. The second member should have no criteria.

    In a crosstab (user dimension applied as columns) in a batch report this would result in two columns of data: The first column always showing 'Cost centre = 100' data, the second column showing data according to the batch member. If 'combined data' is required, you can now use this for summing up these two columns.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    thank you very much for the information. Your suggestion with the user dimension is working. The only small issue I currently have is that the 2nd column always has a total header despite me changing the header in the user dimension

    I consider this a minor tradeoff as I can now can just use one report and make the selection with the Batchjob. Thank you again



  • Hmm? Have you tried right clicking this Total header - and then go to Table -> Dynamic captions -> Edit dynamic captions for this member ... ?

    You might then replace {cellvalue} with the text you desire instead.

    / Ole


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