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I have this cross table showing a customer group and the individual customers in the group. I have counted the  number of individual customers in the customer group for each year and now I would like to hide the individual customers and only show the number of individual customers next to the year. 

Can you help me solve this? Thank you.

An illustration of what I have and what I would like.


Would like:



  • Hi Karoline

    I have made an example with 3 dimensions: Køn, År, Ansættelsesforhold

    Then I have made a calculated column. Antal = count(d1, all(c), m1) that counts all "children" ~ the number of "Ansættelsesforhold".

    And the I hide "Ansættelsesforhold" column under "Properties" => "Visibility"

    By removing the checkmark at "Ansættelsesforhold" values:

    I that what you needed?

  • Hi Louise,

    Yes this is exactly what I needed. I think I confused myself and made it difficult because I hid the totals. Thanks for your help :)


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