Scheduled Job Fails When No Data Present

I have a report with a single crosstab scheduled to e-mail daily, showing prior day's orders using TARGIT scheduler.

If there were no orders the prior day, the crosstab is blank, and thus the scheduled job fails and does not send an e-mail.

I would like to send an e-mail whether there was data yesterday or not.  I thought a workaround might be to set local criteria to yesterday in the crosstab, then create a separate object that shows the max date with orders, which will always populate.  However, it appears that if any crosstab does not have data, the report will fail to send.

Any interesting workarounds here?



  • I was able to get this working when adding a second crosstab rather than just a separate text box.

    It now sends with warning, which is what I want.

  • Hi Karl,

    Thanks for letting us know how you solved it. 👍

    BR / Ole


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