Return Letters in a Front End Calculation

Hello good afternoon!

I would like some help or if it would be possible to create a calculation that would return a letter for a given situation.

if sum(d-1, 0, m1) >0 then A else 0

Only it does not return the letter A that was mentioned in the calculation.

I would like to know how I do.



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  • Hi Willer

    You can't return a letter as a result of a calculation - but with a small workaround, you can make it work anyhow using the number formatting.

    Here's a table where I want to return an F if Profit Margin is less than 60 and maybe an A if it's above or equal to 60.

    My calculation syntax looks like this:
    if sum(d1,0,m1)>= 60 then 1 else -1

    Now my table has a calculated column (Grade):

    Now I go to the number formatting in the properties section and choose to work with my calculated column (Grade):


    Having picked Grade, I chose Advanced format:


    In the Advanced dialogue, you can choose different formatting for positive and negative numbers:

    This is also shown add a formatting mask: ##0;"-"##0

    The first part (until the semicolon) describes formatting for positive numbers, and after the semicolon, it's targeted at negative numbers

    You can translate the mask into:
    positive numbers with at least one digit;
    negative number with a leading - sign and at least one digit

    Now I manipulate the format string to this:


    That means leading A for positive numbers (and no digits) - leading F for negative numbers (and no digits).

    The result:


    Hope it makes sense





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