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Hi Community,

I am having a problem with one of our users client, where the criteria dropdowns, and by extension the expand/collaps in hte dropdowns, are very small making it difficult to use.

Have anyone encountered this before or know what to do in a situation like this?. 

Thanks in Advance.



  • Hi Bo,

    I have seen something similar in the past. Usually it has been due to an abnormal combination of screen resolution and Text scaling.

    • Right click the Windows Desktop and go into Display Settings.
    • Check Display resolution and Text scaling.

    E.g., if resolution is very high while text scaling is very low, try changing the text scaling to something less extreme.

    Let me know if this was the issue.

    BR / Ole

  • Hello all,
    resolution and text scaling also sometimes cause TARGIT windows to become invisible. Usually it helps to set the by Microsoft recommended settings like Ole described. 

  • Hello,

    Changing resolution and screen size did help. I also changed which monitor was the primary one which also also had an impact.

    Thank you for the help


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