Grand total based on subset of rows

Hi Targit 

I have a simple crosstable with amounts per account per year (2020, 2021 and 2022).

I want to create a seperate calculated column that gives me the grand total for 2020. Is it possible to make this calculation? The yellow column demonstrates what I want to achieve:

63+16+12 = 91







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  • Hi Thomas,

    You will need to work with "Multidimensional subtotals".

    First, you enable these from the right click menu:

    This will bring in subtotals for the years in your crosstab that you can refer to.

    You can refer to your 2020 values like this:

    sum(d1, @"";"[2020]"(l(0,1)), m1)

    Finally, you may want to go to Visibility options to hide the year subtotals.

    There is a video example here:

    BR / Ole


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