Advanced criteria editor for consumers

We should empower the consumers by letting them use more advanced tools for selecting their filters. E.g., bring the full Criteria Editor to the Anywhere client to allow for criteria like 'Different from', 'Between' etc.

Use case: A consumer that wants to exclude a few items from a list is currently forced to select all desired values and leave out the ones he wants to exclude. This would be much easier with access to different from, using the criteria editor. Also the between operator would be extremely helpful to consumers trying to choose an interval of dates.



  • Is this being worked on? This would save our users so much time and expend the ways they can use the solution instead of having to export things to excel to analyze data.

  • Hi Danilo,

    We recently had this one up for discussion. Currently it is not on the features short list.

    Also, potentially, it will become obsolete if we extend the functionality of Slicer objects to include other criteria operators.

    I think the latter is more likely to happen. However, currently not in any near future plans.

    BR / Ole


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