Slicer object. Filtering option as free floating object

Ability to add a criteria/filter control object anywhere on a report; for example, to design your own version of a criteria bar. Supports different control types: drop-down, radio group, check boxes, etc.

This will be a very strong case in our portal offerings allowing us to enhance guided analytics and improve on the actual visual experience of the solution. We will be able to completely adapt to the needs of our customers when it comes to our portal / embedded solutions. This is also a major gap-closing feature compared to PBI who has a fairly advanced offering here.



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    Good news!

    This feature has been released.

    For Cloud: 7th December 2023.

    For on-prem: 12th December 2023, build 23.12.11509.

    Details here: 

    Best regards / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    We are looking forward to this feature. Will it then be possible to add the dynamic period base as a slicer object in the analysis as well? (And the measure selector?)

  • Hi Louise,

    In fact, the December 12 release will not be able to handle dynamic criteria (unless you create it as a User Dimension).

    However, support for Dynamic criteria has already been planned for the next release after that. I will make sure to forward your suggestion for the Dynamic Date Origin as well.

    I think the Measure selector will need to be treated as a separate feature request.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks for your quick reply.

    We are about to launch some new analysis where we introduce the criteria bar. We haven't used it before. Im afraid that most users will not see it. It would be better to keep all navigations etc in the analysis. But we need the functionality of the dynamic date origin (dynamic period base).

    So if it could be solved with the december release, I would postpone my new analysis. But then I go with the criteria bar for now. And hope for it to be included in a later release. Thanks for forwarding my request.


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