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A menu button is designed with a default style (color, border, text size etc.). It should be posible to define an 'Active' style as well - which will take effect when the menu button's trigger corresponds with the currently active/open document. Similar to standard functionality on web pages.



  • Official comment

    We are planning on implementing this as a 'Drill color for menu items' feature.

    It was previously in our 2023 roadmap. I am sorry to inform that it has been postponed to later than 2023.

  • Hello all

    I have a design for a menu, but it would be nice if this option would be included in the menu function.
    The idea is to give the current page a color with rounded corners as a highlight. To show the user that they are on this page. There is an option to color the background of a menu item, but the option to round the corners is not available.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Ole

    Any news on this request? You have answered that it is planned in 2023? Will it be included in the next december release?


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