Export multiple documents to PowerPoint (not from a Slideshow)

The Slideshow feature is an unnecessary complication if you just want to export multiple dashboards to PowerPoint in one go. Maybe re-use the 'Multi-document' feature from scheduled jobs +  export to PowerPoint. Or an option to 'Export all open documents to PowerPoint', which will be great together with Bookmarks.

Use case: The CFO (or any other C level user) will be able to open a Multi-document or a Bookmark and export a pre-defined set of dashboards as a PowerPoint deck.



  • I dont know if I should create a new feature request or it is related to this issue? Or there is already a post about it? But I'm missing the possibility to create one single pdf with multiple pages from the multiple document job. So instead of exporting one pdf per document it could be collected to one pdf with multiple pages. I can't find that this is possible today?

  • Hi Louise,

    It is somewhat related, but please create a new feature request for this.

    I know this is not what you are asking for, but in a Report you can design multiple pages with individual designs and with data from different data sources.

    E.g., you can copy/paste a number of dashboards to a number of pages in a Report with a landscape page layout. The Report can be exported or scheduled to a single PDF output.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    This is exactly what I do right now. But as it is reports where I have often copied 10-20 different analysis in one report, I have to be very consistent and remember to update the objects in the report every time I (and other designers) make changes to my analysis - as they are not linked.

    It would be so much easier if I shouldn't have to update my analysis two different places.

    (Otherwise I should have all my analysis and report as layouts in the same analysis - but I think this would give me some other issues to deal with).  

    I create a new feature request (even though we have mentioned this request several times before, so I hope it is already known by your developers) :)


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