Report: Iterate in bands

Ability to design a custom layout of objects that repeats (in bands, like rows) based on an iteration list/query.

Some of our customers are still using report layouts containing several (small) crosstabs. The current report design does not allow for compressed viewing of these crosstabs since each new crosstab gets its own page layout. The repeater type object would fix this and close the final gap to classic reports.



  • Official comment

    Good News!

    This feature has been added to our roadmap.

    The status of this post will be updated as soon as the feature is being further processed by TARGIT and as soon as an expected release date is known.

    Best regards / Ole

  • Any update on this? Think this functionality should be in the new version as it is still missing compared to the classic reports and it saves pages/paper. Thanks!

  • Hi Frank,

    Your idea is still here to gather more interest, feedback, votes and comments.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, thanks for your reply. I understand how this list with votes works, but it really should have been in the new version already because it is a functionality that was in the classic report engine and has not been carried over to the new report engine. For some reason. The list with request is big, so to be honest based on votes it's not going to be in a new release. For us this is a showstopper to update to a new Targit version. Thanks!


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