How to Hide Specific Totals (and the word "Total") in Subtotal Rows

Based upon other posts I've seen here, the documentation at, and in the TCE Student Manual, I think this is possible.  I'm just not finding the correct syntax.

In the crosstab below, I want to hide the subtotal and grand total for case price as this total does not really make sense.

It seems this should be possible in visibility agent if the value is = sum of rows it is subtotaling, or if the value is >= the max value in the rows it is subtotaling?  

I'd also like to hide the word "Total" that shows up under all of the attribute columns if possible.



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  • My resident TARGIT expert showed me the way here.

    The correct calculation for the visibility agent to hide the totals is:

    sum(d1, all(c), m2, 0) <> 0

    Essentially, sum the children of the object.  If they don't have children of their own, this will return 0.  If they do have children, it will return a value and not be equal to zero.  If the output of this expression is not 0, then we hide the number.

    Hiding the totals was also achieved by making the text on the subtotal rows the same color as the background.   Then, a color agent was used to turn the value of the actual two columns we want to subtotal black.



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