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Show criteria bar by default when creating a new analysis

It would be helpful if the criteria bar is activated/displayed by default when creating a new empty analysis. 

I often do trainings with many TARGIT users and that is a point that many people miss. I recommend them to set global filters always via the criteria bar, because this way you have an overview of all filters (and also users with consumer license)

Best regards, Marlene



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    Hi Marlene,

    Thank you for your input. I can fully understand the training situation you describe - I even experience it myself occasionally when I do training.

    However, for a couple of reasons, we have decided not to proceed with this feature request:

    • We think the new Slicer object gradually will replace the Criteria bar.
    • A new dashboard with an empty criteria bar as default can be handled by a dashboard template.

    BR / Ole

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