TARGIT system maps with ISO code

Hi all,

TARGIT comes with some good maps that many users like to use. It would be helpful if the standard maps use the ISO country code/name as their ID, because otherwise the spelling only allows mapping with the English term.




  • We found out that the default SVG map that comes with TARGIT installation always include the ISO code.

    If I delete row 3 in the SVG file, then TARGIT starts mapping with ISO codes instead of the the English names in row 3. =)

    It would be great, if I can decide if I want to map via "id" or "Names" inside the map's mapping.

  • Hi Marlene

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but can't you do that if you choose Mapping type - and then select data for mapping?

  • Thank you a lot, I did not know that this function already exists, probably looked in an older one.


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