More flexibility should be offered for table formats

As an example, you should be able to add a thick border after each member of a certain dimension, or custom colors for a group of measures.



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  • Niels Thomsen Do you have any updates on this topic? I am asking because especially custom borders (for example, after each member, as explained in the ticket) are essential for our reports. This was 'resolved' before by applying a colour agent to sub-totals, but resulted in severe performance issues: too many totals that needed to be calculated. However, does the new stateless design (2023 August release) also affect rendering totals? And could you perhaps also explain why sub-totals take a while to be processed? In comparison, I tried to calculate the totals in a second table by altering the included dimensions (i.e., sub-total for each year compared to a table that plots a value against the year members) and this is fast.


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