Improving advanced calulations: Making it possible to work with calculated rows and columns (c1)

Simple sorting, filtering, hiding calculated rows and columns



  • This is already possible:







    Unfurtunately filtering measures (like filtering global dimensions) is not possible. E.g.: Global filter in criteria bar for customers over 10000 € revenue. Instead, you need to work with the visibility-agent.


  • Hi Marlene, 
    You can do it with columns, as long as the columns aren't combined with calculated rows, or even just calculated rows. 

    The problem is not for 1 set page, where only 1 version should exist, but for dynamic pages.

    In this specific case I needed to hardcode calculations for each salesperson, as it is the only way to do it as you can't calculate with dimensions but only measures. That means I do get a super long table, but I would only want to show the top 5 or even 1 specific row depending on criteria. 

    I could get around this, by making 1 version of the page for each salesperson and having no toplist, but that would be a lot of manual maintenance.
    Or changing all our salespersons to having numbers instead of names, and then creating a measure with their number as a sum. 

    Thanks for the input though :-)


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