Row calculations locked at the top of a crosstab

It's nice to see grand totals in large crosstabs at the top of the table but sometimes these 'normal' grand totals (cube totals) are not what we want so instead we create a row calculation that gives us what we want in this new grand total row.

The row calculation can be dragged above the 'normal' grand total and when the latter is hidden, the new grand total line stays at the top ... until someone sort the crosstab.

It would be nice if a row calculation could be 'assigned' to the top of a crosstab regardless of any sorting. It would be even better if multiple row calculations could be 'assigned' to the top of a crosstab, maybe with some kind of row numbering. A use case for the latter could be that the top calculation shows the sum of all visible and the second calculation shows the sum of all invisible ... and they stay there regardless of sorting.




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