Help showing lowest value in a colum

I've made a table showing values horizontly, I want to use "Color and Gauge" agents to show the lowest value in a colum


Product one 2;4;6;7;3;6 (here 2 should be marked with color)

Product two 4;6;7;3;6;1 (here 1 should be marked with color)

Hope it makes sence and that I posted it under the correct topic

Thank, Thomas



  • You can try value = min(all, 0, 0) or value = min(0, all, 0) in the colour agent and let it apply to the cell

  • Hello Bo, it's not working. The only Measurement I have is price. Both your suggestions give the same result, all prices get a green tag. 

  • In the test i made, i have a single measure being queantity,  a dimension on the y-axis being product groups and a dimension on the x-axis being months. are you only using one dimension or two ?

  • Not sure about the terms,
    - On the left 3 dimensions, product group, product numer and product name.
    - In the top 1 dimension, store name
    - As a measurement, price


  • can you get it to colour a price by writing value = [Price] in the colour agent ?

  • My meassurement is called Prisdata minimum beregnet pris, if I write value = [Prisdata minimum beregnet pris] is says Unknown function or group identifyer (at "Pris")

  • Hi Thomas,

    I have created a color agent (color background) that works like this on my single measure, No of Sales:

    BR / Ole


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