Global filter being overwritten by drill-down


I am having a bit of an unfortunate interaction in one of my dashboards, where our customers are in a hierarchy with Country, Chain, Customer. People can filter on a global criterion using this hierarchy, and when they only use the global criteria all the measures are correct.

The problem arises when a person drill-down on a country in one of the cross-tables in the dashboard while also using the global criteria. In this case the drill-down will overwrite the remaining cross-tables in the analysis and show totals for the whole country selected ignoring the customer limitation set in the global criterion.

I have had success with splitting up the global hierarchy (where they use the global criteria to choose chain and customer and the table to choose country) however I would like to hear if it is possible to keep it to one hierarchy and force cross-tables to adhere to what was selected even if you then drill-down on a country.

Thank you in advance



  • Hi Bo, the intention of drill down filter is actually that all tables respond to this ad-hoc filter. Therefore the behavior should be correct.¬†

    But you can use the following functions:

    - 1. Select ignore criteria 

    - 2. use local criteria for this object

    I hope I understand your question right :) 

    Best regards,

  • Hi Bo,

    In addition to Marlene's suggestions, you can also choose to 'Ignore drill downs':

    The downside of this is that it will ignore all drill downs from all dimensions. You cannot specify it to only ignore from a single dimension.

    BR / Ole


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