Is it possible to compare a month with the previous month?


I am currently trying to design a report where I only see values when the value changes over the months. It should look like this

The months between those shown in the example should be made invisible as they have the same periods (for example the months before Aoril 2022 have the same value and only in April it changes). I tried to do that by making a user dimension with a dynamic month for the current month and one for the previous month. But the problem is that the periods are placed next to another and not as I thought that the value of for example February is placed next to the value of January. but my current report looks like this:

The line for July was supposed to have the value of June next to it but the values are the same. Is that even possible? The crosstab looks like this:

Can I even compare months of the same year? Comparing months of different years is easily made but I stumble with periods for the same year.



  • Hi Michael,

    I think you can address your challenge without the use of User Dimensions.

    In my example - se screenshot below - the original crosstab is the one on the left. On the right I have the same crosstab, but with a visibility agent (hide member) applied to it, condition:

    sum(d1, 0, m1) = sum(d1, -1, m1)

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    thank you very much for the suggestion. I put it into my report and it works perfectly. I didn't thought of using references for the visibility agent so I learned something new today


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