Multiselect in criteria bar doesn't work in a user dimensions with different operators


I have created and shared a user dimension and add it to my criteria bar. When I activate the button for multiple selection. TARGIT does not show the elements with check boxes in the criteria bar, if I mix operators like "equal" and "between" and "unequal". The criteria bar still displays radio buttons instead of check boxes...

Use case:
However, this use case is helpful in many dashboards. E.g.: I create a table with a very detailed time dimension (YTD,LYTD,MTD,LYMTD, Today-1, LYToday-1,...). But the consumer can then limit his/her view in the criteria bar and say: I want to have only the yearly view (management view) or see only the short term data (operational business). 



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  • I agree that this would be very helpful.

    The same problem occurs when the user dimension includes (combines) more than one dimension - even if I have only used the same operator (e.g. equal to). It would be great if it could be possible to use the multiselect function on these user dimensions as well. 


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