Column data as measure but not as sum

Working with data from fVendTable in AX 2012 and Targit 2019.

There is a column of values that are both positive and negative.  The measure [Amount] that is in the cube is set to "Sum".  Selecting "No aggregation" gives an error that the edition of Analysis Services doesn't support sum.  Changing the Deployment Services to something else such as Developer makes the project not deploy.

Is there a way to use just the positive data in the column or separate out the positive values from the measure [Amount]?  Or create a new measure using just the positive values from the column from the table [fVendTrans]?



  • There are several ways to display the column only based on a condition (e.g. only positive values).

    A quick idea would be a view (e.g. as named query in DSV ) or an additional calculated column in fVendTrans. 

    Moreover, everything negative can also be hidden in TARGIT via the visibility agent.

  • Thank you for the tips.  I added the column as a dimension as well and I seem to be getting closer to the results I expect using the visibility conditions, but I'll look into the query and the calculated column as well to see if it makes it easier.


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