KPI visual - Visibility with missing data on only one KPI datapoint

Hello Targit Community

I have to create a KPI containing three datapoints, but sometimes there isn't any data on one or several datapoints. What i want the visual to do is either remove the datapoint or write a message to the user saying "missing value" when there isn't any data available. However, i'm having trouble with the visibility options, as it seems to just write "Undefined" when im trying to hide the object and doesn't remove the entry as expected. My suspicion is that it writes "Undefined" since there IS data available on the two other entries.

Hope there is a solution or at least a work-around

Thanks in advance.




  • Hi Lasse,

    there is only an option, if you have 3 separate KPIs.

  • Hi Marlene

    Thx for the reply.

    Can you think of a work-around that achieves what i'm looking for? I'm trying to minimize the amount of objects on the page.


  • My suggestion was the workaorund ;) Please try the yellow marked part in the screenshot.

    You can then group the separate KPIs afterwards. Visually there is no difference.

  • I did try your suggestion, but as i understand it; the amount of objects determinates load performance and therefore it is a good idea to minimize total amount of objects. Grouping doesn't fix my goal in this instance of minimizing the number of objects on the board. I'm looking for both a visual AND a performance solution.

    Please let me know if i have misunderstood something...


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