Decide if column header (and text in general) is left-justified or right-justified

Hi all,

sometimes the column headers are left-justified and sometimes right-justified.

It would be good if you could set this individually.



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    Hi all. Thank you for your input.

    We are looking into this feature as a likely candidate for one of our upcoming releases. However, we will need your help a bit further. There are many potential solutions to the general issue, and we would like our solution to match your requirements as closely as possible.

    So, please, can you add more screenshots of situations where the problem occur - and, in addition, modified screenshots (mockups) with solutions, as you think it should be done?

    Best regards,


  • Yes, this is much needed.

  • Yes, agree, much needed.

  • Yes! And be able to do it with dimensions would be great!

  • Much needed. Looks messy in presentations.

    I have four columns right justified and the two others just goes left for no reason.
    Best solution would be to have the option to center, right or left justify, like in the title for crosstabs in crosstab styling.


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