Decide if column header (and text in general) is left-justified or right-justified

Hi all,

sometimes the column headers are left-justified and sometimes right-justified.

It would be good if you could set this individually.



  • Official comment

    I am sorry to inform that further investigations have revealed that this feature request is riskier and more complex to implement than first anticipated.

    For now, it has been put on standby.

    BR / Ole

  • Yes, this is much needed.

  • Yes, agree, much needed.

  • Yes! And be able to do it with dimensions would be great!

  • Much needed. Looks messy in presentations.

    I have four columns right justified and the two others just goes left for no reason.
    Best solution would be to have the option to center, right or left justify, like in the title for crosstabs in crosstab styling.

  • Hi Ole, we also would love to see this feature in an upcoming release. One good example is when creating customer facing reports there are types of information that visually appear better centered while others need to be left, or right, justified for either clarity or to deliver a clean appearance.

    This feature should be at the column level, so that header label/text and column row/text justification can be set for each individual column in the cross tab.

    Example Screenshot


  • Hi Ole

    We hereby submit our input, as we would very much like the opportunity to decide the adjustment of columnstitles i tables. Vi have a table that looked like this in an earlier release:

    That is right adjusted titles.

    In the current release, the titles are adjusted a bit random - I suspect it is due to the change of the dynamic title. The arrows on the screenshot show the desired adjustment.

  • It would be great, if answers in this forum are posted in English, because there may be non-danish followers.

    Thank you!

  • The same from our side - this is much needed.



  • Is this still in planning?  Would just like the ability to define left, center, or right align for any column heading.

  • Hi Karl,

    Yes, it is still on R&D's list of potential candidates - but no hints on dates yet.

    BR / Ole


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