Sort by other column (TARGIT Data Model Editor)

Sometimes you might not want to sort an attribute by either the name column or critical column but by another column better suited for sorting.

One usercase is a customer who might want a dimension sorted by name (which in 99.9% is a number).

As it can be both a string and a number it is sorted alphabetically in Targit.

Sorting by the key is not an option either as we use our own dataware house keys with no sorting included.

Therefore we need to have a sortby column which we can use to sort the attrribute in Targit.

This is something you can do with multiple backend tools. 



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    Good news!

    This feature request is now on R&D's shortlist, and will most likely make it into one of the upcoming releases.

    I cannot give you any date yet, but I will keep you updated on progress in this thread.

    Best regards / Ole

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