Sheduled job with multiple documents => Result: One pdf with multiple pages

I'm missing the possibility to create one single pdf with multiple pages from the multiple document job. So instead of exporting one pdf per document I would like to be able to collected it to one single pdf with multiple pages.

Due to performance issues and as a service to the users of our dashboards, we add a possibility (trigger) to get a pdf report with all dashboards included under the specific subject. So instead of clicking/opening/waiting on every dashboard in the menu, they can click on the pdf report and get all the dashboards in one single report. And the report is created as a daily scheduled job that export the report as at pdf to the document folders. So the user don't have to wait for the pdf to be created.   

Today I have to create this pdf with a report containing one page for each dashboard. This means that every time a designer makes a change to the dashboards, we have to remember to update the report as well. (And it is not possible just to make all the dashboards and report as layouts in one analysis, as we often have to refer to dashboards across subjects etc.) 

Therefore it would be so much easier, if it was possible to create a scheduled job with multiple documents and convert it to one single pdf with multiple pages.




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