Deploy TARGIT analysis and user dimensions to a similar database


We often have the case that we have two similar databases: Development and Release environment. The development databases and included cubes are only visible to some key user. But often they build some analysis for testing purposes. After deploying to the release database, users are not able to change the database connection inside the TARGIT client. There is only one way: Open the vxiew files in file explorer of the TARGIT server and search/replace the text "Development" to "Release". That is not very comfortable.

However, this problem is not only to vxiew-Analysis files, but also to user dimensions, which should be used by multiple databases. It is not possible to redirect them to another database. That is really sad because users have to recreate them.



  • I agree.  We have the same issue.


  • I remember TARGIT developed a "tool" to deploy TARGIT Documents from one system (e.g. "Test") to another system (e.g. "Prod") 


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