Include drill-down in bookmark


When a global filter is applied you can save this as a bookmark and share it with others - no problem.

However, if you also do further selection in the data using drill-downs, these are not saved in the bookmark, so sharing the bookmark will make others see different data.

User story:

We need a way to share a bookmark, where all filters (applied global filters and also drilldowns) are stored in the bookmark, so we can share a bookmark and ensure that the receiver is viewing the same data as the sender. PS: Forced criteria used for controlling access to data should still be respected 



  • Yes, as far as I know is sharing the drill-down criteria only possible in the Anywhere Client:


  • Hi Marlene,

    We are indeed using Targit Anywhere (not the windows client) and we were told by Targit it does not work and suggested us to raise this feature request. So please vote for it :)

  • Hi Finn, sure I voted for your idea :)¬†

    You can share the url-link WITH drill-down criteria, but users can't save them as bookmarks.


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