Area Chart Labels

Please see the example attached. The idea is to have a single label per area (i.e., the different colours) that is perfectly alligned. I am aware that this might be possible with formulas and visibility agents, but the placement of the label will then be incorrect.



  • Hi, could you show the design of the object so I can recreate the case with DemoData?

  • Marlene Knaup Please find attached:

  • Okay you want to show labels of the "Flock Mouse-Over" dimension's highest hierarchy level and not every entry? 

  • Marlene Knaup No, I want to display the full hierarchy, for example: L03501-2402 Van Den Brink L03501 H&N Brown Nick PS.
    However, as emerges from the initial posted screenshot, the label is being displayed for every single data point. Moreover, this label is unique (i.e., does not change) within a specified area (as delimited by colour). And that is why I am looking for a single label for each such area.

  • All right, this is unfortunately not possible without further steps in advanced calculation and advanced labels - so it would be a nice feature request.

    There is this workaround, but you write that you are aware of it:

    • You need a new calculacted measure to find the highest data point of each area: if sum(0, 0, m1) = max(0, all, m1) then 1 else 0
    • You need a conditional text in your label



    But all in all I would solve it with a legend instead of the labels.

  • Marlene Knaup Thank you for looking into this!
    Yes, the workaround with calculations kind of works, but I do not like the allignment of the label, and furthermore it adds a lot of stress to the load of the report (millions of rows of data...).

    A legend would normally be a good suggestion, but be aware that the colours are replicated (when a new flock for a location is placed), meaning that this is not possible because it is than not clear what is what.

    The main thing is, that my colleagues want to print the report as pdf or for presentations, and then they need the label because the mouse-over cannot be printed ;)


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