Add an ODBC driver to TARGIT InMemory database

It would be great to connect to a TARGIT InMemory Database through e.g. Excel or other frontend tools.

This could be through a TARGIT developed ODBC driver.



  • This might be useful also to customers who use another ETL tool than TARGIT ETL Studio, who might be able to process data to the TARGIT InMemory Database.

  • Niels Thomsen. You cannot insert data into InMemory through the ODBC driver. It is read only.

  • Niels Thomsen Furthermore, there is no governance and no datamodel at your disposal with this approach, which would allow any user to access potentially sensitive data in the InMem database. The user would also have to know the name of the entities in the DB, the keys, and the way entities are logically related (data model). This should probably be solved in another way.


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