Change the way crosstab is loaded in the client.

Maybe a chance to disable subtotals?

Right now, there is a performance issue when adding many columns to a crosstab. This will create an enormous number of subtotals to be rendered in the client and therefore consume a lot of memory.



  • Hi raf,

    I would create the crosstab and before clicking on the flash, go in the smartpad to properties and disable the subtotals:

  • Let me elaborate since tarigt support added this post on my behalf.
    Issue is Targit consumes a lot of memory regardless of the settings in the smartpad.
    The smartpad settings are just display options and have 0 influence on the engine that does the calculations.
    For some reason on larger reports the reserved memory grows almost exponentially.
    We have a detail report scheduled which we have since 2015 and this ran without issues.
    However since the last versions this takes up to 70GB of memory already!
    Screenshot below shows only the schedule running that 1 detail report which contains 15 columns with grand and subtotals disabled.

    For reference:

    • You could almost run an entire triple A game directly from memory.
    • Our tabular model itself only takes less than 15GB to hold all our data.

    So to render a 15+ columns report, Targit somehow needs 5x the size of the entire tabular model...

  • Ok great, now I understand what you mean, we also noticed that large queries ran more performant in old versions

  • We have also noticed tables taking longer to load on the latest version.  But seems to be more of CPU than memory for us.


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