Issue with Applying Advance License to New User

I am writing to address a pressing issue we are encountering with our TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 licenses. We have 5 advanced licenses, however, despite having an available license, the system is displaying a message stating that all licenses are used when the new user tries to log in.

Details of the issue are as follows:

License Type: Advanced License
License Availability: We have confirmed that an advanced license is available for allocation in our account.
Error Message: "All licenses used"

We have taken the following steps in an attempt to resolve the issue:

Checked License Availability: As mentioned earlier, we have verified that an advanced license is indeed available for use.
License Allocation: We attempted to allocate the available advanced license to the new user through the server manage dashboard. The allocation process seemed to complete successfully, but the error persists.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.



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