Option to reset dashboard when changing criteria after drilldown.

On a regular basis our users complain of the result in some of our dashboards because they have used drill-down,  and then afterward change the filters in the Criteriabar.
This results in the Drill-downed object remain unchanged, even if the choises made in the criteriabar does not include the drill-downed vales.

Would it be possible to have an option to reset the dashboard, when users change the selections in the criteriabar.




  • Hi Jakob

    It makes a lot of sense (and I just voted for it :-)).

    Just want to make sure that you are aware of the workaround, which would be to create a trigger that reopened the dashboard without inheriting any criteria?

  • Thanks Niels.

    We do know the workaround and are in few cases using it. 

  • I agree with Jakob, This would be a great option, maybe as an option for the criteriabar if activated.


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