Generic Embedding

Note: From the TARGIT 2023 October release, embedded links will work with both '#/' and '##'.

With Generic Embedding we have made it a lot easier to embed the TARGIT Anywhere client in one of your Business Systems. 

The idea is, that you do not need to know the exact URL that TARGIT Anywhere requires in order to open the right document with the right criteria. Instead, in the assigned frame in your Business System, you create your own Permalink - something that makes sense to you and your Business System. Then, in the TARGIT Windows client, these Permalinks are mapped in a user-friendly interface to their corresponding documents and dimensions.

Generic Embedding from unknown Permalink:

Generic Embedding from pre-configured Permalink:

Notice: In the video "embed.aspx" is used. If you encounter problems with that, you can try replacing ti with "embed.html".
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  • This  admit optional parameters?? 


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