The SAVE command enables committing the loaded TARGIT InMemory Database to the disk and also makes it possible to store a single InMemory table in the file system as either a compressed .targitdb file or as a CSV file.

Note: When building a tiImport script the last command must always SAVE command without any
parameters, otherwise the data processed until that point will be discarded.


SAVE [TABLE tablename TO {CSV} 'path_in_filesystem']


/* Connect to SQL Server */ 
DATASOURCE sqldb=SQLSERVER 'Server=localhost;Database=StageTCP;Trusted_Connection=True;'

/* Read all tables from the SQL database – SLURP only works on MS SQL, Access and TARGIT InMemory Database connections */
SLURP sqldb

/* Save a single table to a storage location in TARGITDB format, a valid path must be specified */
SAVE TABLE 'salestransactions' TO 'C:\OUTPUT\salestransactions.targitdb'

/* Save a single table as a CSV to a storage location, a valid path must be specified */
SAVE TABLE 'salestransactions' TO CSV 'C:\OUTPUT\salestransaction.csv'

/* Commit entire database to disk */
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