Import CSV from URL

If you have a URL path to a CSV data source, you can use this to load data into InMemory.

In this example I will try to load data from this URL-located CSV file:

It contains a list of US capitals together their State name and Longitude/Latitude information.

  1. In your InMemory Project, add a new data source:
  2. Select the CSV data source type and make any necessary changes:
    In my example, I changed the Name, Load as string and Has headers settings.
  3. Click 'Finish' and add an Import task to your project (together with a Save task):
    Notice that I simply pasted the URL in between the brackets in the 'SELECT * FROM [ ]' query.
  4. Run the InMemory Project to load the CSV data into the database.
  5. To verify that data has been loaded, open the TARGIT InMemory Query Tool, connect to the server and select the fields for the imported table:
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