Optimize your Search in TARGIT Community

When you search through the TARGIT Community, you can potentially get a lot of hits that are not relevant to you.

There are a few ways of making your search more accurate and bring down the number of irrelevant search results.

Here's an overview of basic ways of making your search in the TARGIT Community a little more effective:

Search Terms


Max Calculation

Anything that contains one of these words

“Max” “Calculation” 

Only content that contains both words 

Max -Calculation

Only content that contains Max and NOT Calculation

“Max Calculation”

Only content that has these two words in that sequence (phrase)

“Max” “Calculation” -labels

Only content that contains Max AND Calculation, but NOT labels


Note also there is a built-in function that allows you to narrow down your search results by topics - see the guide below:

First, we search the community with the generic search word "Scheduling" (what we actually want to know is, if there are any feature requests pending on scheduling).


That gives a result like shown below with 142 hits.
Notice on the left hand side, that the search results are divided into Articles and Community posts..

If you click on one of these categories, you will see a more granular distribution. 

In this example we click on Community (marked with red)



Now you get an overview of the search results in the Commuity - showing precisely where these are located (by topic):

Now you can pick the Feature requests and look at the 15 posts holding actual feature requests (from the original 142 resutls).

Happy searching :-)

Some general notes:

  • The search will automatically find “stemmed” versions of the word.
    In the examples above Calculation will automatically search for Calculations, Calculate etc.

  • There is a difference between the search results you see while you are typing in your search word(s) and the results you get if you hit the enter button:

    • While you are typing - the search results that come up, are the ones that actually holds the words you are looking for in the title of the article/post

    • When you hit the enter button - a full text search will be conducted. Articles may also be "tagged" which will have impact on the search results (but only when hit the enter button)

    • Conclusion: If you don't get the right search result while you are typing - try and hit the enter button, which will widen the search considerably


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