Get notified about new content on TARGIT Community

In the TARGIT Community, to Follow a piece of content means that you subscribe to it. You can follow an existing section, topic, article, or post by clicking on the associated Follow button:


From there, you will receive an email notification each time a new post, article, or comment is added to a section or topic you follow. When you create a post or comment on an existing one, you will automatically follow that post and begin receiving notifications about changes and updates to it.

When you follow Sections and Topics, you can choose to receive email notifications when new articles and new comments are added:


We strongly recommend that you, as a minimum, Follow "New articles and comments" in the Product News section and its subsections here.

Please notice that you may need to activate Follow, "New articles and comments" on each subsection in order to receive email notifications about changes in these subsections as well.

Example: If your TARGIT installation is a Cloud installation, you may be interested in following all information about TARGIT Cloud releases etc. from the Cloud subsection:


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