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Is it possible to define your own presets for use in Dynamic Time and make them available for all users?

For instance if I want a preset saying "last three calendar years" and I want it to be visible and selectable for all users in (dynamic) date selector, how do I do that? Any links to any good documentation or other good advices?

Thanks in advance,




  • Hi Karsten,

    The standard list of dynamic criteria presets cannot be customized, but you can create a User Dimension with "Last three calendar years", "Last 7 months" and all other customized dynamic criteria that you require.

    This User Dimension can be moved to the Criteria Bar to be used by end-users.

    See this article: https://community.targit.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016951417-User-dimensions-on-Criteria-Bar 

    BR / Ole

  • But how would that impact the overall time dimension used in the solution? Wouldn't the user then have to manually 'neutralize' timerestictions on the main time dimension before using the User Dimension? For instance if '2023' has been chosen in the main time dimension, then a selection of for instance 'last 12 months' in the User Dimension would combine the two selections, so that only months both within 2023 and the last 12 months will be shown (if the user hasn't first deselect 2023 in the main time dimension)?

    It would be beneficial if the preset dynamic time definitions could be controlled by the administrator - they are currently rather limited and in a setup with monthly data updates and several years of data all the 'day'-focused presets are close to 'useless' and makes noise in the dropdown.

    Regards, Karsten

  • Hi Karsten,

    If your dynamic user dimension is based on the same dimension/hierarchy, e.g., Time YMD, as the one you are using for the Global criteria, then the user dimension criteria will "win".

    I.e., you can have a Global criteria YMD = 2023. If you then apply a user dimension criteria YMD = 'This month' (which, in time of writing, is January 2024), then the resulting criteria will become only January 2024.

    Note that this is only valid for Global dimensions. Any *local* criteria will overwrite the user dimension criteria.

    BR / Ole


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