User dimensions on Criteria Bar

As with any other dimensions, you can also promote a User dimension to become a filtering option on your Criteria bar.

Right click the User dimension to add it to the Criteria bar:


This feature is great value, especially when working with User dimensions with custom Dynamic criteria:


Notice: You cannot add Local User dimensions to the Criteria Bar. A User dimension must be Shared before it can be added to the Criteria Bar.

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  • Hi, I want to add a User dimension to the criteria bar, but without any members, and in order to share it I need to add a member

    Idea is to create a switch so the user can select which chart should be displayed. User dimension has 2 empty members: Uitlevergraad % and Uitlevergraad 1 Dag %. When User selects the first then display chart0, when user selects the second then display chart1. (in reality it's same chart but with visibility agent display measure 1 or measure 2).

  • Hi Femke,

    Maybe you can add a criteria from a dimension with very few members. For example, I got a Company dimension with just two members:

    When I select all (both) members I will have a qualified criteria that does not filter my data - because I am asking to see data for all my Company members anyway.

    This will satisfy the User Dimension requirement.

    You might also consider taking a different approach to your overall goal. Here I am thinking of the possibility to use a Measure Selector: 

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole, I take the second option, that is more like I indeed want it.

    But can I disable the option "Select other..." for the users? I don't want them to be able to do this as It can mess up the analysis.



  • Note: In portal view it is disabled so that is very good, but if user has a client installation, what will he be able to do? Will only a designer (license) be able to change this or is is client installation related?

  • A Consumer user will not be able to "Select other...". And that is true for the Anywhere client, and also for the Windows client as long as the user logs on with Consumer rights only.

  • Thanks Ole


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