User Dimensions with Custom Groups

Sometimes you need to categorize your data in a way that is not supported by your data warehouse. In that case, you will need to work with User Dimensions to create your own categories.

In this example (from the Finance cube), we have a dimension with Accounts (account numbers and names), and now we would like to create some general categories for these accounts.


We will start by adding a new User Dimension to the table:


The first member of the User Dimension can be created with the between operator and custom values:


Since the Account dimension members are strings, the above setting will dynamically include all accounts starting with ‘4’, e.g. ‘400005’ up until accounts starting with ‘5’ (not included).

In this way you can end up with a User Dimension with these custom Account Groups:


From the above, the ‘Tax’ member as an example:



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  • How do I get a grand total? Grand totals is activated, but not displayed.

    Only possibility is to add a Total Calculation? The disadvantage is that the total amount is then at the bottom of the table and not at the top and not in bold.


  • Yes - it can only be added as a calculation.

    You can drag it to the top of the table, and you can format it (right click, Table -> Format this member).

    / Ole


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