Removing a Shared User Dimension

A User Dimension is either Shared or Local.

A Shared User Dimension may be used in multiple objects in multiple documents, and any changes you make to a Shared User Dimension will take effect in the objects and documents where it has been used.

Editing a Local User Dimension will only take effect in the object in which it has been added.

Removing a Shared User Dimension

From the Tools ribbon, you can choose to remove a Shared User Dimension.

If you do this, and the Shared User Dimension has been used in any documents, you will get a warning about which document(s) will be affected.


Even though it says that it will be 'removed permanently' from the document(s), in reality, it will just change these User Dimensions into Local User Dimensions. Notice the icon for a Local User Dimension - a dot - as opposed to the 'share' icon in a Shared User Dimension.


Detaching a Shared User Dimension

A Shared User Dimension used in an object, can also be 'detached' from that object - without needing to completely removing the Shared User Dimension as mentioned above.

A detached Shared User Dimension will become a Local User Dimension after detachment.


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