What will you do with the new TARGIT feature that allows notifications to end up in an outgoing webhook?

Hi everyone

The TARGIT 2021 Summer release contained a very open feature that allows you to initiate processes from TARGIT using webhooks. (see further description here).

We are very curious to hear from you, what do you intend to do with this new feature - or even better - what have you already done?

A few suggestions from here that can start the discussion:

  • You can reach the users on your normal communication platform (teams, slack, send them a text etc) with the information from the alert the triggered the webhook
  • Maybe create a to-do in specific peoples outlook calender, trello board, monday, ijra or other project tool
  • Automatically write data into the data warehouse that can be shown back in TARGIT to log that your alert has been triggered and a process has been started
  • Maybe all 3 above in one go - and somethings else - there are no real limits to what you can start with this feature

Let's have a shared brain-storm in the community - personally I can't wait to hear what your plans will be.





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