Reorder data sequence in columns

Hi all,

Below shown the normal sequence of displaying data in Targit with data for several years (see the yellow bar). This sequence is: Revenue 2017, Sales 2017, Revenue 2018, Sales 2018.......

I want to change the sequence (see the green bar) so the sequence is: Revenue 2017, Revenue 2018, Revenue 2019, Sales 2017, Sales 2018, Sales 2019.

Is that possible to do and how? Thank you all :-)



  • The only way I know of, is to create 6 new columns and transport the values in the order you need. But then you have to manually update with new columns, when a new year arise. Not the best solution. 

    As far as I know you can't even change the order of your existing colums by drag & drop.

    Interesting to hear if anyone else have a better solution?

  • Hi Louise,

    Thank you for the input. I have tried the solution and hope for other suggestions, specially because I have to update every week (because my data is shown per week).

    It seems more people are loking for a better solution. Hope that someone can provide it :-)   

  • Hi Dan:

    One suggestion might be using a user dimension that includes "Revenue" and "Sales pcs" in addition to the year dimension along the top. If you order the user dimension first, it may give you what you're looking for.


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