is it possible to link pdf files (eg invoices) to a dimension and open them from within a dashboard?


My customer heard that in the latest version of Targit it is possible to link an external database with eg pdf files to the cube that is being used for building the dashboards so that you could click on eg an invoice ID (which is a dimension in the cube) and open de pdf (the invoice itself).

Is this true? And if so, how can this be done? what is required to be able to set this up?


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  • Hi Joke,

    You will need to have your PDFs accessible by URL. E.g. http://somelocation/Invoice123456.pdf.

    If this is the case, then you have two options:

    1. In your data warehouse, in your Invoice dimension, you can add an extra attribute with the full URL for each invoice number. In a TARGIT client, in a crosstab, the URL attribute will be recognized as a link you can click and open.
    2. You can use Web boxes with dynamic content in a TARGIT Dashboard to open the PDFs. E.g., if the location is the same for all PDFs and the file names are identical, except for the Invoice number, then it can easily be set up. When you filter an Invoice number (make a drill down in another table), the Web box will show the associated Invoice PDF.

    For the latter option, see these two articles:

    BR / Ole


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